About Us


Energy Storage Systems LLC [ESS], is a spinoff of a 25-year US technology pioneer, with roots in the solar and lithium battery technologies, within the commercial, industrial, military and space arena.

A pioneer in the field of lithium battery and battery management systems [BMS], ESS developed a string of the world’s first … the first BMS for Sony’s 18650 lithium cells in 1993, followed by the first portable power bank in 1996, followed by the first solar-embedded power bank in 2007, and so on and on. Today, our brands MOAB POWER and POWERLINK ENERGY have designed an extensive range of LED and lithium battery- based lighting and power management products … from small-scale emergency and backup power & lighting products, to medium-scale, fixed, mobile and transportable solar energy storage solutions, to large-scale micro-grid systems.

We create safe, affordable, modular, scalable, solar generated, Lithium battery-based, grid- connect and off-grid solutions for primary and backup applications around the globe.