Introducing MOAB FR series — the world’s safest lithium-ion battery systems for the global portable, residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, emergency and disaster relief operations — with maximum Thermal, Shock and Vibration protection, and the highest Fire Safety protection — EVER!!!

Designed for primary or emergency applications, the MOAB Fire Resistant Lithium [FR] Battery for Energy Storage is an advanced, rugged, long-life, Solar/AC/DC/Generator rechargeable battery The MOAB battery is designed for internal and external applications, transportable or fixed.

The MOAB FR or Fire-Resistant series, in a dual-step process, provides the highest level of fire protection in a lithium battery product. The first and most basic process is of “encapsulating” each individual lithium cell or pack in specially constructed individual fire-proof cell or pack chambers, formed from a unique and proprietary fire-resistant polymer composite technology, to contain lithium battery fires caused by thermal runaway. The higher the capacity of the cell, more the need to isolate cells from each other to contain a chain reaction. The extinguishing process works by the encapsulating chamber simply squeezing the life out of the fire. This is followed by adding a second layer to the process above, by “blanketing” the cells/pack with a fireproof material capable of withstanding fires above 1200° F. This further isolates and shields the cells/pack from the exterior enclosure — preventing heat and/or fire ingress or egress. This thermal insulation also drastically expands the range of hot and cold environments that the MOAB FR series can operate in, while providing the maximum impact, shock and vibration protection.

The MOAB POWER product line currently consists of 24V/7.5kWh and 48V/15kWh battery packs, designed for stationary applications like off-grid solar or grid backup power, as well as, mobile or transportable applications like truck, RV or marine.

7.5kWh — 25.6V ~ 280AH
15kWh — 51.2V ~ 280AH

7”W x 20”D x 10”H / 100Lbs [Approx.]
7”W x 26”D x 10”H / 200Lbs [Approx.]

INPUT/OUTPUT 24V / 48V Battery
Max Voltage Up to 30VDC / 60VDC
Max Current Up to 100A Continuous / 200A Pulse

Life Cycle @ 80% DoD —>7000 cycles for MOAB Lithium

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